Jeannie Phillips, PhD, ACC

Jeannie Phillips, Ph.D., ACC is a technical professional and business coach with over twenty years of corporate experience environment leading people, projects, and the development and execution of strategy. She is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and has served as both an internal and external coach. She has developed programs and conducted workshops and training focused on leadership development, change management, and coaching, among others. She is certified as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has trained and coached Green Belt and Black Belt project leaders. As a Learning Leader, she obtained certification in the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® of Evaluation and received a certificate from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in Learning Transfer to ensure the training she delivers has measurable impact. She is one of the first certified Keller Influence Indicator® (KII) partners. The one-of-a-kind KII assessment measures one’s potential to be an influential leader, and KII partners work with leaders to increase and fully utilize their influence potential. Jeannie is also a board member and coach for Women for Change Coaching Community™ (W4C3), a non-profit organization focused on making coaching accessible to all women.


“I work in Indonesia and Jeannie is in the US, so I never met with her in person during our coaching sessions over the past two years. We just used the phone and conference software. We experienced all the “struggles” in understanding each other’s’ different languages, cultures, backgrounds and even dealing with different time zones but we worked it out which made her one of the best coaches I ever had.

Her strength was encouraging me to discover my own answers through insights. Her skill in listening to understand and sharing her knowledge, experiences and thoughts without any hesitation, nothing to hide, created a safe environment. She demonstrated patience in helping me discover and understand deeper my insight that “It’s not about me, it’s all about them (my coachees) ” as it related to coaching sessions I conduct with my coachees. She provided me with many sources including links, PowerPoint files, even her colleagues/networks if I needed some further explanation that she thought would help me find answers.

Those strengths are needed to become a good coach and I learned a lot from her. Thanks Jeannie!”

Aviantara Budi Prasetyo, ASEAN Market Sell Leader, Dow AgroSciences

“Jeannie has a very unique ability to listen, ask the right questions, understand the core of the problem/issue that I face, and help me to naturally come up with the decision that is right for me. I appreciate the fact that Jeannie never tells me things what I want to hear, but challenges me to listen to my heart and realistically assess how my abilities/skills match my career aspirations. I highly recommend Jeannie to everybody who needs a coach with genuine interest in helping people’s development.”

Jafar Mammadov, Scientist, Dow AgroSciences

“Jeannie establishes a nurturing environment enabling people to recognize and work on improving behaviors, changing mindset and accelerating towards their professional and personal goals.   Thank you Jeannie for helping me to realize my true potential.”

Maria Pavlakos, Product Stewardship Specialist, Dow AgroSciences

“(Jeannie and I) met during our coach training and began working on our coaching skills by coaching one another.  Immediately, Jeannie’s natural enthusiasm and commitment to the high standards of coaching came through in every interaction as we explored the foundational tenants of coaching.  As a coach, Jeannie’s skills helped me see through the distractions of situations to achieve clarity with what I was working through at the time.  As a result, I was able to overcome challenging situations timely and with a feeling of control.  She exceled at supporting me to strategize so I could move myself in directions I knew I needed to go personally, as a professional coach and as a business owner. Her enthusiasm and passion to help others achieve their own successes absolutely comes through in her coaching.  We continue to stay connected and support each other through our respective professional journeys.  I consider Jeannie to be a friend and an asset to my professional growth – I highly recommend working with Jeannie if you want to see results!”

Ariana Elsie McNally
Owner, Career & Business Coach
Emerging Outcomes Coaching & Development

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