Core Value Index™ Assessment

Where are you now? Where do you want to go?

Optimize your Team with an Executive Team Profile.

Helping your team gain insight and clarifying behaviors is only part of what we do at CORE IMPACT COACHING. An accurate Assessment can often provide timely feedback, such as current performance vs. desired performance.

The Core Values Index™ (CVI) is an invaluable toolset that will provide an accurate picture of your team for improving self-awareness and awareness of others, filling in gaps and inconsistencies and creating lasting change. Building a team is not just about crunching numbers and end of year performance – it’s also about building relationships, fostering core values and inspiring your vision for the company. The Core Values Index™ is one more way that gets you there.

Core Values Index™ (CVI)

The Core Values Index™ is the only Assessment tool available today with a 94% repeatability rate and reliable applicability in determining the profiles of your high performers – so you can hire more of them!

This Assessment is aimed at intact teams at any level, as well as in the C-suite and/or Executive levels.

Using the Core Values Index™, we:

  • Help you assess the strengths and balance of your leadership team.
  • Develop a strategic leadership plan that guides the team leader in further development of each team member.
  • Coach your leader or CEO and strategic team members to make the most of their natural wiring in order to increase their performance in the position for which they are a fit.
  • Help you find the right and best position for your team players, if the process identifies a misalignment of person and position.

Statistics are staggering

We can turn those numbers around

Most companies operate at only 30% efficiency, meaning three people generate the performance that could be expected from one top performer. Why such gross inefficiency? Having C and D players creates incredible lag for the organization, yet most organizations have 80% C and D players and only 20% A and B players. We help you reverse these numbers.

The Taylor Protocols technology numerically identifies the performance factors for key positions and creates a “highest and best contribution” prescription that aligns employees’ Core Values with the work required.

THE PROCESS can take three to six months, depending on the number of key positions identified. The process can be repeated for additional positions to gain ever-increasing efficiency.

Click here for your Core Values Index and learn more about your unchanging innate nature, your conflict strategies and how you can make your best contributions to the world.


We’ll assess situations and provide solutions

Click below and take the CVI so you can experience it for yourself, and learn more about your top core values, your learning style and your conflict strategies. Then CONTACT US to set up a time to conduct a workshop for your team.


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