IMPACT: What if today were the last day to make yours?

January is typically our fresh start, our reset button. You’ve probably made some resolutions or goals for yourself and hopefully for your business as well. I’m wondering, as leaders, if you’ve contemplated what impact you want to make this year, and what barriers are keeping you from making an impact today.   I’m sure you’ve […]

Opening the Gateway to Influence

Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic How to Win Friends and Influence, originally published in 1936, still has much to teach us about how to influence others. There is a section of the book called “Ways to Make People Like You” which makes me wince a little because it sounds as though you need to manipulate others […]

Trustworthy to Transform

I admit it. I am a bit obsessed with Satya Nadella and how he is changing the culture at Microsoft (September issue of Fast Company). I am biased because he is a learning enthusiast like me, and both of our offices look like “neighborhood book shops” (although he reads all his). But all evidence suggests […]

Empower to Influence Change

It’s a tough time to live in Los Angeles. No, I’m not talking about the World Series, although my heart goes out to Dodger fans. It is the seemingly endless sexual harassment revelations coming out of Hollywood. While I’ve come to dread what I may find in the LA Times each morning, at the same […]

A Passionate Reformer and Influencer (#5 in Influential Leadership Series)

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 arguments (“theses”) to the door of the Catholic church in Wittenberg, Germany to protest indulgences sold to individuals to “release them from punishment due to their sins.” While it was not Luther’s intent to divide the church, the bold actions of this passionate reformer marked the […]