360° Feedback/Coaching

149068946How do you think your team or employees would answer the following?

  • Do you feel involved in important decisions?
  • What’s your perception of the overall leadership quality of your CEO/Manager?
  • Does your CEO/Manager put forth the effort to develop you as an employee; as a team member?

As a leader, the next best thing to receiving feedback from a 360 survey is taking that information and doing something about it to achieve sustainable results. At CIC, we can help you with both because we just don’t stop with the 360 survey – we see you through the entire process by helping you take action based on the findings through one-on-one coaching.

Through written surveys, personal interviews and coaching sessions, we offer you the benefits of self-awareness, insights and a straightforward action plan. This strategy is based on your needs and goals, to maximize your potential and effectiveness as a leader.

As the saying goes, “It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish,” or in the case of our clients, how you continue to grow and develop as a leader, turning constructive criticism into opportunity for more business and personal success.

Let CIC show you how you can benefit from this valuable tool/coaching experience, by contacting us today.

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