Leadership Coaching

Any of these sound like you? You’re a team member in transition, but you’re unsure of the correct road map to take you in the right direction toward that initial leadership position. Your role as a leader is expanding, which means others are relying on you for interaction and sustainable results, but you feel like you’re always spinning your wheels without a clear focus. As CEO or the business owner, your company is in dire need of creating and/or improving a culture of leadership at every level.

Whether you’re a CEO looking to experience one-on-one leadership coaching or a business owner looking to implement a tailored leadership coaching program for your team, CIC can serve your individual or corporate needs. It’s what we’re passionate about – it’s what we do. We fully understand how leadership, communication and relationships within a business are crucial to an organization and its future. That’s why we will work with you on assessing and embracing your values, vision, strategy and the culture of your business when it comes to leadership. Let us be a valuable partner in your leadership development.

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