Core Values

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Core values are the foundation of who you are. They are the strong beliefs you hold that drive your decisions. Core values are essential, universal and personal. Essential, meaning they are fundamental to you and life wouldn’t make sense without it. Universal, meaning the value applies everywhere, in all aspects of your life. Personal, meaning the value is based on your life experience. When everything you do aligns with your core values, life is easier and success comes naturally. This dynamic and enriching Workshop allows you to personally identify and validate your top five Core Values and further develop a process for using your Core Values to drive your decisions, career and life path.

A recent study showed how one school system leveraged the CVI for greater performance. To download a free copy of that report, click below:

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Click here for your Core Values Index and learn more about your unchanging innate nature, your conflict strategies and how you can make your best contributions to the world.

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