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CORE IMPACT COACHING is a leading Executive Business Coaching and Professional Development firm with more than 35 years of corporate experience. We specialize in helping organizations and Executives step into their power and reach their vision of success.

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Based off of real experiences, learn how we were able to help our clients overcome their challenges as an organization or individual to reach their strategic and operational goals.

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  • Experiencing exponential growth
  • Lack of coordinated communications between employees
  • Undetermined roles and responsibilities
  • Unclear expectations
  • Misunderstanding of communication styles

How did CORE IMPACT COACHING solve these challenges?


  • Poor communication between CEO and Technology Director
  • Executive-level employee ready to move up with help of polishing
  • Vision not clearly communicated
  • Misalignment of employees and positions
  • Miscommunicated direction and focus

How did CORE IMPACT COACHING solve these challenges?


  • Needs new leadership development
  • Evaluate personal communication style and effectiveness
  • Increase influence
  • Identify different employee communication styles

How did CORE IMPACT COACHING solve these challenges?

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