Slow down to grow faster

I just recently learned this lesson (AGAIN) myself.  I’m a classic over achiever and I run as fast as I can most of the time.  But recently, I was forced to slow down (which is what happens when you don’t listen to warning signals–you get hit over the head instead!).  During my slow down I […]

What is Integrity and the 800 pound gorilla?

To me, it’s what you do when no one is looking, or it may be ignoring the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.  Heaven forbid we talk about that.   Lack of integrity can be the biggest leadership killer.  It sends a message to your team that maintaining transparency and honesty is only valued some […]

We all make up stories

It’s just in our nature to try to put context around everything that we experience.  So when we see that e-mail that puts us off, or interpret someone’s actions as rude, or get cut off in traffic, we make up a story that puts the other in a less than positive light, and makes us […]


Lack of accountability can be debilitating to an organization. When others see that there are no consequences to poor behavior or poor performance, general morale is negatively affected. In addition, I’m sure we can all think of times when we haven’t held ourselves accountable either. Accountability can easily be related to following through on a […]

Tips to Effective Email Management

Email management is essentially time management.  We communicate through email, in many instances, more than we communicate in person or over the telephone.  We typically don’t decide one day just not to answer emails, nor do we typically dedicate an entire day to answering them for the week.  If your email is anything like mine, […]