Be a good teacher

  A theme emerged for me this week as I listened to my third client complain about last-minute meetings, putting out fires, dealing with difficult people, and out of control work hours.  My question:  What are you teaching others?   The fact is that we teach others how to behave around us and how to […]

Strategy Sessions and One Page Business Plans

Yes I did work on Saturday.  I will admit that this is not all that unusual.  Being a business owner, my hours can be very flexible and varying.  I took off Thursday afternoon to attend Holiday Mart (had a great time and met some awesome women!). So therefore, Saturday’s four hour strategy session didn’t seem […]

Truth or Consequences

I don’t know about you, but I know that I am really good at making up stories based on my observations.  Right?  So I was relieved to find out that this is due to neurological connections that we all possess within our brain.  Being the science geek that I am, I get a kick out […]

Ten Tips For A Successful Team

If you told me 6 years ago, when I launched my coaching business, that I would be launching a nonprofit organization (with 2 of my favorite coach buddies) in July of 2012, I would have asked you to take a breathalyzer test.  It certainly was not a goal of mine as I was growing my […]

Why do I need Core Values for my company?

Core values are the blueprint for your life and your business.  They are the boundaries that determine your behavior, the expected behavior of your employees and how the company behaves within the world of business.  So it goes without saying that core values are an important piece of the foundation of your organization. You may […]