3 Tips to Influence Others and Motivate Them

“How can I motivate people… to be more motivated?” This was the question of my client who was struggling with performance issues of her team members. The short answer is–“You can’t.” Let’s face it, internal motivation can only be changed by the individual. The question is—how do you find out what motivates someone and how […]

Twist up your December: Take instead of Give

I love finding that perfect gift for my loved ones as much as anyone, but I have forgone the Black Friday crowds long ago and tend to be more of a Cyber Monday-through December 15th kind of shopper. As I was waiting to pick up one of those precious gifts at the post office today, […]

Leaders: Market Your Message

How many times to you need to send a message before it’s really heard? Have you ever sent an invitation to your network for an event and wondered why you only got 20% response? Have you ever rolled out a new internal process for your organization and wondered why people act as if they’ve never […]

Five Tips to Deal with Poor Employee Performance

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~George Bernard Shaw A common problem with many of my clients and with new supervisors, is dealing with performance issues of their staff. My first question is always: “Do they know specifically what the expectation is and do they know what […]

Put an end to your meetings

What would happen if you opened up your next meeting with a spontaneous round of Duck, Duck, Goose? I suspect that you would probably lose credibility and people might suggest that you might need therapy. But, it would be a meeting that no one would ever forget. Right? When was the last time you were […]