Sucking Wind and Good Leadership

Good leadership can really take the wind out of your sails. Imagine this: you and several members of your team have spent hours pouring over the data of a proposal, double checking assumptions, comparing historical data, and you are presenting it to the rest of your team for approval and alignment. You’re sailing through the […]

Saying Yes

Are you one of those people who never says no, or doesn’t know how to? I recently had this conversation with one of my clients who wanted to determine when it’s appropriate to say no and when saying yes is better. That’s right, just because it is an ‘opportunity’ doesn’t mean you should always say […]

Listening is Loving

During his research on what makes people happy, Hector discovered that there are as many flavors of happiness as there are people. The movie “Hector and the Search for Happiness,” which I watched with my family during our final family weekend before the big move to Philadelphia, follows Hector on his quest. It was such […]

Barrier to Leadership: Getting In Our Own Way

I remember when I stepped into my first role as a leader  and I felt as if I could never get enough accomplished.  I was still measuring my value based on what I produced tangibly.  Several of my clients are on the cusp of this chasm, leaping from the “doing” to the “leading”. Naturally, we’ve […]

Why Business Owners Don’t Have an Annual Business Plan

Several of my clients have referred me to Celeste, who owns a well-established business. They’ve convinced her that she needs to hire me to get her business plan done so that she can be more strategic and organized. They’ve worked with me, developed their own plans and are raving fans. I’ve been assured several times […]