Get to know your team through the Core Values Index TM assessment

In my days in the corporate world, I sat through many assessments and workshops with mixed results. To be honest, I’m not an assessment fan. So as a coach, I was not one to jump on the DiSC, the Myers Briggs, Strengthsfinder, or any of the other common personality tests as a tool I wanted […]

What’s the plan, Stan? Communicating with clarity.

Communication problems and lack of clarity are the most common issues that my clients face, whether they are CEO’s or mid-level managers. They all think they are good communicators, yet lack of communication is always what gets them in trouble. Several scenarios always seem to commonly occur in their communication missteps:   There is a […]

Organizational Change is Painful

Change is the only thing that’s constant in our lives, yet it also makes people extremely uncomfortable in their jobs. A CEO client of mine  led the implementation of massive change for the organization over the past 18 months.  The organization was in the midst of implementing a completely new business model and developing a […]

Should I give feedback?

 “I have some feedback for my boss, but I’m wondering if I should give it.  I’m also wondering how I’d deliver feedback to her so that it’s most effective.” This was my client processing his thoughts as he revealed concerns about some recent messages his leader put forth in front of the team. These are […]

Everyone defines their own integrity

You may find this surprising and even disagree with me, but we each have our own definition of what integrity means to us, and our life.  We can’t define what integrity means for someone else. We know what it is for ourselves. Integrity refers to how our personal life system is set up and whether or […]