Just the facts

In my experience, communication is the number one problem that businesses and people deal with on a daily basis. And no matter which client I’m working with, the situations that they are dealing with always have a mix of facts and opinions. The problem is that the opinions are typically fictional stories that have been 100% […]

The importance of influence in leadership

Most of us are not leading a company.  We don’t have the authority to rule our colleagues and team members because we don’t sit at the top of the organization’s hierarchy. Even those that sit at the top find it difficult to lead people if they aren’t capable of influencing them. So how does one […]

Time Management: No multi-tasking, just do it

We all have enough work that carries over from day to day, week to week and month to month.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.  You’ve seen my past posts which talk about prioritization, your ‘must do’s’, and doing what you ‘like least’ first.  Once you’ve done those things, pick […]

Listening: Tips to be a better listener

During my Coach training sessions for leaders in Tokyo and Shanghai, we focused on two core competencies of coaching: Listening and Questioning.  Since listening is truly the foundation of good coaching skills, we spent a great deal of time practicing our active listening ability. We began with a TED video by Julian Treasure called “5 Tips […]