How to Engage Your Team: The Importance of a Team Charter

One of the biggest challenges for any leader, is to lead a new team to success. Moreover, according to Forbes, most leaders aren’t even creating environments where employees feel motivated or comfortable. So how do we give leaders the tools to not only motivate their team members, but to fully engage them as well? We […]

Enhance your active listening skills

Do you practice active listening?  Active listening was first coined by Carl Rogers and Richard Farson in 1957. That’s over 60 years ago, yet we still struggle with these skills. Honestly, I think it’s time to put this in the elementary school curriculum. Commonly, most people relate the meaning of ‘active listening’, to ‘paying attention’ or […]

How to have influence

What typically happens when you pass someone in the hall or on the street and you offer them a smile? The majority of the time, you’ll get one in return. You have just influenced someone. We don’t often realize how much our own behaviors influence the behavior of others. Consider the following exercise: Imagine I’ve […]

Influencing from any role

James Couzens worked for Henry Ford and was given credit for influencing what is known as the number one most influential business decision in history. Ford was tremendously successful having recently doubled his production of the Model T in 1914 without adding to his payroll.  Yet, with all of that success, his turnover rate was […]

Leaders in #MeToo age: three things you should never do

  #MeToo As a female who was born in the 60’s and entered the workforce in the 80’s (pre Anita Hill—if you don’t know who she is, google it); I’ve seen both extremes of the #MeToo movement, and have my own #MeToo stories. I think most men know the definition of sexual assault.  What is […]