How to Conduct the Best Virtual Meetings

Getting thrown into virtual meetings during the pandemic is like being thrown into the deep end of the pool when you barely know how to tread water. You know enough to keep breathing, but you’re not sure how to swim safely to the ladder. The challenges of virtual meetings are numerous and well experienced. People […]

Five Easy Ways to Treasure and Love Your Virtual Work

Virtual work can be very challenging when you’ve never experienced it. There are the obvious benefits of the quick work commute and options of work attire. But the challenges can seem overwhelming when you realize that what you thought was temporary is now semi-permanent. The fact is that you need to find ways to achieve […]

How to Create Your Virtual Workspace

My virtual workspace has always been an office within my house. Now that everyone is virtual, I’m sure that is not the case for most people. Yet having a virtual workspace to call your own is very important for effectiveness, productivity, and mental health. Working virtual is not new. I had my first virtual workspace […]

Race Related Questions from a White Woman: What is Codeswitching?

Codeswitching is another new term I’ve learned in the past month while examining my whiteness. This one came totally out of the blue. I was participating in a racially diverse video conference specifically talking about racial disparities and system racism. One of the black participants just started talking about the codeswitching they do every day […]