accelerate results


Your team is extremely busy and everyone’s plate is full, yet you aren’t getting the results you need.  The team is falling short and you’re not sure why. How do you accelerate results?

Many leaders find themselves in this situation. What do they do?

  • Pull the team together and reiterate expectations?
  • Publicly voice disappointment and displeasure with the results?
  • Offer rewards for results?

If only it were that easy. There is no quick-fix solution, unfortunately. But if you are willing to invest the time and effort into your team, you’ll be able to accelerate your results in a sustainable way. It would be very easy to say: “Just hire an Executive Coach.” But what exactly would a coach do? Here’s one possibility.

Three steps to accelerate results for your team:


1. Ensure your team knows how to best communicate with one another.


This may sound very simplistic, but poor communication is the #1 issue in every workplace. Everyone thinks they’ve communicated successfully, yet what is heard is typically very different from what is communicated.

One way to achieve better communication is to ensure you understand the learning/communication style of each team member.  We do this through the Core Values Index, which is an assessment measuring the innate unchanging nature of an individual. Together with the job descriptions of each role, we help you determine if you have the right team members in the right role.

In addition, by incorporating a CVI workshop into your team curriculum, we also teach your team members the best ways to communicate with each other based on their core values. We teach ways for that fast-moving power driver to work with the careful, methodical, and innovative problem solver.


2. Develop your plan.


A team that clearly articulates the vision of the leader quickly aligns with that vision.  In other words, you need to communicate your vision of success, so that the team aligns their goals and activities to the same target. Even better, spend time with your team developing the vision statement so that you have complete buy-in.


For even more impact, work with your team to develop your measurable objectives for the year. Then, determine what strategies you’ll use to achieve those objectives, and layout the actual work that will need to be completed.


Working through your plan as a team allows all to be involved in the process, and significantly increases the buy-in and likelihood of execution and success.  Not to mention that it provides the first step in communicating expectations and holding your team accountable for results.


If you’re not quite sure how to facilitate this kind of activity, Core Impact Coaching can help with The One Page Business Planmethodology.


3. Coaching


One of the most powerful ways to measure and enhance one’s leadership is to raise your own awareness of how others are experiencing your leadership. This is true whether you are a CEO, a manager, or you are just interested in your own professional development. Most people are very busy pushing their projects forward, managing their calendars, tracking their personal goals, and going through the day-to-day tasks of work.  They rarely take the time to pull back and understand how they’re perceived by colleagues, coworkers, and other leaders. Most of all, they may not understand how their behaviors may be barriers to their own success. That’s why a 360 Feedback Survey coupled with leadership coaching is a valuable tool for leaders.


Through the 360 process, you’ll determine which behaviors to modify in order to enhance your leadership and a coach will help you establish those new behaviors.


It takes a lot of courage to participate in a 360 Feedback experience. You are certainly open to vulnerability.  But as we’ve learned from Brene Brown—vulnerability is one of the most powerful traits a leader can possess.

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