Have you ever had a great idea, which would solve so many problems for you or your business, and it was so big, that you didn’t know where to start?  Most people feel that way about strategic planning, or drafting a business plan.  I want to help you break it down easily.  The most important thing you can do is to just get started and assess your business.

In order to put a plan together you have to know where you are going first.  If you want to drive to LA from Philly, you can envision your endpoint, but you also need to understand where you are starting and what you are starting with.  How many passengers will you have? How much space will you need? What vehicles do you want to consider? Is a train an option? What roads will you travel? What stops will you make? Who’s driving?  You get the picture. Using the analogy of a wedding as we did in Post #1, the same ideas apply.  What kind of ceremony, how many guests, budget, etc.

Assess Your Business Starting Point

Here is an assessment to get you started in the kind of thinking you need for writing your One Page Business Plan™ for your business, department or project.



New Ideas

What are some new things you want to try in the future?  Include ideas you’ve gotten from observing others, or by identifying pain points for your clients, team, or stakeholders.  Make a list of some of the new ideas you have.

Working Well

Make a list of all the things that are working well in your business, department or project.  What would you like to expand or have more of?  What would you like to replicate and multiply?

Not Working Well

When assessing the current state of affairs, we also need to assess those things that are not working well.  These are things that don’t have a good return on investment.  What are the things in your department or team that are going wrong, that cause you stress, that cost you money, time and energy?  These are things that you would consider eliminating if you could.


Lastly, what are the lessons you have learned about your department, team or project?  Take a little time to reflect on the past and identify the things that you’ve learned that have made you better, and enabled you to grow.  Capture those as well.

What’s Next

When you’ve completed this exercise, it will be apparent to you that there are elements you’d like to start, things you’d like to expand, and projects you’d like to eliminate.  This will be a valuable resource as you move forward in putting your plan together.  Keep this resource handy, and add to it as you  think of things that fit each of those categories.

The post for next week will be about creating a Vision for your business, department or project.

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