Micromanaging vs. Active Support

Micromanaging your team is one way to damage relationships and eliminate trust. Yet it’s very tempting when you’ve been put in the position of managing your team virtually. You can no longer observe your team in the office and see how hard they’re working. Their comings and goings are no longer visible to you. How […]

Managing Expectations: A Simple Process

  Managing expectations is a process. It takes planning, discipline and follow up. It’s not rocket science, but you can’t skip any of the steps if you want to be successful. Most mportantly, you also need to document each step in some way or GET IT IN WRITING. The benefits of putting it in writing […]

Managing Expectations in a Virtual World

  Managing expectations and holding your team accountable can be challenging at best. Throw in a virtual world to navigate as well and you may be overwhelmed. The Virtual Hub describes a simple process of Defining expectations Measuring success Communicating expectations Setting realistic expectations In addition to those steps, there is also the ‘relationship’ side […]

Tips for Virtual Leaders

Virtual leaders are a new breed. If you are a leader who has just been thrust into a virtual world, you are probably in a situation you’ve never experienced. You may be wondering if your team is working hard since you can’t actually observe them as you did in the office. Additionally, you might also […]

The world is on fire, what can YOU do today?

I’m overwhelmed. 2020 hasn’t started well. First Covid, and now international protesting occupies our thoughts, visions and conversations. I’m not sure what to do, but I KNOW remaining silent and watching things play out is not it. If you are feeling anything remotely like me, you are wondering what you should do. And you’re uncomfortable. […]

References for Adapting your Mindset and Leadership During Crisis

Are you overwhelmed yet? I am. I’ll admit it, all of this constant new information, old information, changed information, what to do as a leader, as a business owner, as a consumer……It’s difficult to stay focused. Obviously, I don’t have all of the answers, but the best I can do is share the wise resources […]

The new normal: permission to do your best

  Today is not normal. Yesterday was not normal. Tomorrow won’t be normal either.  That is our ‘new’ normal. Let’s accept it and carry on. Even better, let’s find some humor in it. Water Crisis That was the suggestion of my client this morning when I asked her what she’d like to read in a […]

Five Ideas for Virtual Team Building and Connection

  Virtual team building can be a real challenge, especially when you haven’t had time to prepare. It’s no surprise that Zoom calls are exponentially rising with this new normal, where we find ourselves treading water in the unfamiliar. Not only are most of us working from home, we’re having to learn new technology, alter […]

10 Most Valuable Benefits You’ll Receive from a 360 Assessment

“I had no idea I was being perceived that way.” This was my client, a CEO of a $10M nonprofit foundation, after reviewing feedback from his 8 company directors. His feedback divulged a common theme of shutting down discussions and minimizing the opinions and expertise of his directors. In fact, they unanimously agreed that he […]

Set a Culture of Accountability with a 360 Assessment

  According to the best selling book, Crucial Accountability, 93 percent of workers polled, work with someone they find hard to work with. Despite that fact, no one holds that person accountable due to fear. There are many more costs to a culture that lacks accountability. Who wants that? Moreover, how can you prevent that […]