Influencing from any role

James Couzens worked for Henry Ford and was given credit for influencing what is known as the number one most influential business decision in history. Ford was tremendously successful having recently doubled his production of the Model T in 1914 without adding to his payroll.  Yet, with all of that success, his turnover rate was […]

Leaders in #MeToo age: three things you should never do

  #MeToo As a female who was born in the 60’s and entered the workforce in the 80’s (pre Anita Hill—if you don’t know who she is, google it); I’ve seen both extremes of the #MeToo movement, and have my own #MeToo stories. I think most men know the definition of sexual assault.  What is […]

Complaining about the undiscussable

The undiscussable:  You’re irritated, and you let multiple people know about it. They know why, how you got there, and how you are currently feeling. Except for the person that irritated you. The undiscussable is always discussed, just not in the room that can fix it.  Oscar Trimboli, Coach Although talking through our irritations can […]

Eliminate Wasted Meeting Time

Have you ever wondered ‘what did I really accomplish’ at the end of your workday? Most of my clients complain about their lack of control over their workday, their calendar and their schedule. Yet when I ask what boundaries they’ve put in place to protect their valuable time, they typically come up empty. The problem […]

The beauty of blending Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting

When I first received coach training back in 2005, a lot of energy was spent explaining the difference between coaching, mentoring and consulting, and why you would never want to mix them. After all, we were learning to be coaches, and coaches focused on transformation of the individual. So therefore, all of the solutions for […]

Self Care

When I suggested some extreme self care to my overwhelmed client, she said “I think this is going to take more than time at the spa to fix”, through her tears.   And she was right. But what we were dealing with at that moment was her belief that self care only meant massages and […]

Time Management: Don’t work harder

The term “work smarter… not harder” originated in the 1930’s by Allen F. Morgenstern.  Morgenstern was an industrial engineer, who created a work simplification program, with the intent to increase production with less effort. It sounds great, but how do you actually make it work? This terminology has now taken on a broader meaning in the current […]

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    Recently I’ve been contacted by leaders who are interested in making their teams more cohesive. Specifically, they’ve also asked how to implement the concepts from the book The FIVE DYSFUNCTIONS of a TEAM by Patrick Lencioni. The book covers multiple pitfalls that teams face as they seek to grow together. Originally published in 2002, the […]

3 Steps to accelerate results for your team

  Your team is extremely busy and everyone’s plate is full, yet you aren’t getting the results you need.  The team is falling short and you’re not sure why. How do you accelerate results? Many leaders find themselves in this situation. What do they do? Pull the team together and reiterate expectations? Publicly voice disappointment and […]

Do you have Imposter Syndrome?

What they say If you’ve ever said the following statements to yourself, you may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome. I’m not sure why they would choose me over others. I’m not nearly as qualified as others that are probably applying. I don’t have the experience. How do I interact in a situation with people who […]