Leaders: Knowing when to leave

It may seem odd to correlate leadership with leaving an organization. The best leaders leave with grace, and for the right reasons. A soon to retire, C-level leader recently told me he received the most beautiful e-mail from the wife of one of his direct reports. The e-mail was glowing, thanking him for being the […]

360 Feedback

One of the most powerful ways to measure and enhance your leadership is to raise your own awareness to how others are experiencing your leadership. This is true whether you are a CEO, a manager, or anyone interested in their professional development. Most people are very busy pushing their projects forward, managing their calendars, tracking their […]

True Teamwork: When you are all on the same team

Many of us don’t think twice about being on a team, participating in meetings, completing our tasks and fulfilling our role as member.  We’ve become used to it.  We know the drill.  We show up, we may give input, we agree to things, we either comply with expectations or we don’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s […]

Getting past embarrassment

The playful scuffle didn’t quite turn out as Jake expected when he landed in the Principals office with ice on his cheek, filled with embarrassment.  He waited for the secretary to get off the phone with his mother while holding back the tears.  He’s taller than most 9 year olds in his class, but his […]

The Merchant and the Core Values Index Assessment

If you’re a Merchant according to the Core Values Index, you don’t know what it’s like NOT to think about relationships and possibilities in everything you do.  You see the relationship and implications in every situation. Talking and listening to others is energizing for you. You are a wealth of ideas and your blue sky […]

The Innovator and The Core Values Index Assessment

If you’re an Innovator according to the Core Values Index, you don’t know what it’s like NOT to assess every situation.  You are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve everything you see. You love to assess the situation and come up with a new solution. Because you are so curious, you ask endless […]

The Banker and the Core Values Index Assessment

If you’re a Banker according to the Core Values Index, you don’t know what it’s like NOT to follow the rules.  You are the guardian of process, equity, and accountability. You love to read and analyze, and you are quick to point out inefficiencies and inaccuracies when you see them. When you need someone to […]

Get to know your team through the Core Values Index assessment

In my days in the corporate world, I sat through many assessments and workshops with mixed results. To be honest, I’m not an assessment fan. So as a coach, I was not one to jump on the DiSC, the Myers Briggs, Strengthsfinder, or any of the other common personality tests as a tool I wanted […]

What’s the plan, Stan? Communicating with clarity.

Communication problems and lack of clarity are the most common issues that my clients face, whether they are CEO’s or mid-level managers. They all think they are good communicators, yet lack of communication is always what gets them in trouble. Several scenarios always seem to commonly occur in their communication missteps:   There is a […]

Organizational Change is Painful

Change is the only thing that’s constant in our lives, yet it also makes people extremely uncomfortable in their jobs. A CEO client of mine  led the implementation of massive change for the organization over the past 18 months.  The organization was in the midst of implementing a completely new business model and developing a […]