How to be an organized GENIUS this year!

Organized genius? Is that too much to ask for this year? Many people complain that they’d be so much more productive if they just were able to be more organized. If you’ve struggled with being organized in the past, this is for you. Here are five areas to choose from to get your year off […]

I hope you can help prevent me from losing my shit today

The need for resiliency was apparent when we started our coaching session with the following request: “I hope you can help prevent me from losing my shit today.” I think you know the feeling. It’s familiar to all of us. We’re all exhausted from trying to stay safe and healthy, adjusting to remote working, teaching/learning, […]

Being too nice can be a Leadership Superpower

I talked to a leader yesterday who was so excited that they had reconnected with a previous colleague. You may not think this is a big deal. However, in this case, the leader wasn’t sure their past colleague would favorably view the call. While both worked at a somewhat toxic company previously, this leader had […]

It’s mid-January and I haven’t set any goals yet. Is that bad?

I was feeling a little uncomfortable with myself this month as if I’m terribly behind. I’m thinking others might be feeling this way as well. Here are my thoughts on what to do about it.   For more videos visit our Youtube Channel at: Lynn Zettler is an Executive and Leadership Coach specializing in […]

How to be your best even with a horrible leader

Even though Laurence J. Peter said he was kidding when he wrote The Peter Principle in 1968, we continue to see it over and over again in the workplace. The Peter Principle: In a Hierarchy, Every Employee Tends to Rise to Their Level of Incompetence. So what happens when you find yourself, recently promoted, in a […]

How to Quickly Eradicate Overwhelm Now That You’re Promoted

Congratulations! You finally vaulted into the leadership role you’ve been craving from afar. You weren’t even sure how you would get there, but with your steady, determined grit, you made it happen. Now that you’ve jumped into the deep end of the pool, how do you tread water and gracefully swim forward while making it […]

How to Wrap Up Wary 2020 For Good and Be Insanely More Intentional Next Year

Were you intentional in 2020? Let’s face it; we’re all exhausted from this disastrous year and can’t wait until it’s over. And even though we’ll have the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve and a turn of the calendar, it’s not clear that 2021 is going to be much different. However, being the optimist that […]

Should You Fire People Who Disappoint You Repeatedly and Don’t Meet Expectations?

  “He’s missed two important meetings and offers no excuse! He just says he overslept and that he’s sorry. This is unacceptable, highly embarrassing, and disrespectful to the client.” This was the current situation of my client, Roger (not their real name) who found himself in the middle of an accountability dilemma. A facilitation support […]