10 Most Valuable Benefits You’ll Receive from a 360 Assessment

“I had no idea I was being perceived that way.” This was my client, a CEO of a $10M nonprofit foundation, after reviewing feedback from his 8 company directors. His feedback divulged a common theme of shutting down discussions and minimizing the opinions and expertise of his directors. In fact, they unanimously agreed that he […]

Set a Culture of Accountability with a 360 Assessment

  According to the best selling book, Crucial Accountability, 93 percent of workers polled, work with someone they find hard to work with. Despite that fact, no one holds that person accountable due to fear. There are many more costs to a culture that lacks accountability. Who wants that? Moreover, how can you prevent that […]

Set a Leadership Example with a 360 Assessment

  Companies are constantly in pursuit of strong leadership.. According to “Leading by Example, How to Lead a Team Honestly and Authentically”, walking the talk is one of the strongest positive leadership examples. “As a leader, part of your job is to inspire the people around you to push themselves – and, in turn, the […]

What To Do with Your 360 Assessment Results

Imagine that you’ve agreed to work with a coach and conduct a 360 assessment. You’ve customized the questions to be posed related to your performance as a leader. We’ve sent the survey to your direct reports, colleagues, leaders, and board members. Confidential interviews have taken place with the participants and all of the results have […]

A Message of Hope and the Corona Virus

  During this time of the Corona Virus, it’s important that we let HOPE garner as much of our attention, while also staying informed. I recently heard a program on NPR discussing how scientists are making good progress on testing known drugs that can treat the Corona Virus. Good work is happening behind all of the […]

Who should you include in your 360 Assessment?

When working with my coaching clients, they are typically concerned about who they should include in their 360 assessment. Because the 360 assessment is an online survey of questions about your performance as a leader, it’s important to consider carefully who you will ask to participate. First, it’s essential to note that the 360 assessment […]