Systemic Racism in the Workplace: Microaggressions

The topic of systemic racism is flooding our inboxes, news streams, and social media. I personally have felt like I’m drinking from a firehose. However, even with the flood of information, I keep finding ways that I’ve behaved in the past that were problematic. Moreover, I keep uncovering the ways I want to change. Despite […]

What is Emotional Intelligence?

You’ve obviously heard the term emotional intelligence once or twice. Perhaps you’ve been told that you would benefit from having more of it. The term “Emotional Intelligence” was created by Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer in 1990 as “a form of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to […]

How to create virtual social interactions with your team

  Creating virtual social interactions online can feel awkward at first. We’re used to having chats in a coffee break room, or sharing a little about our weekend at the beginning of our staff meeting as people start to gather. That feels normal. Now that we are all online, we don’t have the same interactions. […]

Micromanaging vs. Active Support

Micromanaging your team is one way to damage relationships and eliminate trust. Yet it’s very tempting when you’ve been put in the position of managing your team virtually. You can no longer observe your team in the office and see how hard they’re working. Their comings and goings are no longer visible to you. How […]

Managing Expectations: A Simple Process

  Managing expectations is a process. It takes planning, discipline and follow up. It’s not rocket science, but you can’t skip any of the steps if you want to be successful. Most mportantly, you also need to document each step in some way or GET IT IN WRITING. The benefits of putting it in writing […]

Managing Expectations in a Virtual World

  Managing expectations and holding your team accountable can be challenging at best. Throw in a virtual world to navigate as well and you may be overwhelmed. The Virtual Hub describes a simple process of Defining expectations Measuring success Communicating expectations Setting realistic expectations In addition to those steps, there is also the ‘relationship’ side […]