Holding people accountable means not staying silent

In my recent research on accountability, the theme of  ‘staying silent’ was dominant. In the book Crucial Accountability, they found that people stay silent, rather than try to hold someone accountable. Moreover, many times people don’t want to address an issue if it’s the first infraction, for fear of being termed a micromanager. What if, […]

The Feedback Fallacy

When I read the latest edition of the Harvard Business Review, I was intrigued by the headline on the cover:  “Why Feedback Fails“. From my point of view as an Executive Coach, I have always thought, and still do, that feedback is a gift. How can anyone get better if they aren’t aware of how […]

Working with people that ask so many questions

Do you have a team member who asks endless questions about any situation?  They may be really good at assessing a situation, and they can do so without any emotion whatsoever.  Some also act as if they are the smartest person on the room, and make you feel small if you challenge them in any […]

Working with people that seem too sensitive

Do you have a team member who loves to be in conversation?  They may be really good at listening, so much so, that it can affect their productivity as they listen to the problems of their co-workers. These types of team members can have so many ideas that sometimes they don’t seem to complete one […]

Working with people who move too fast

Do you have a team member who can’t sit still in meetings, seems impatient with long discussions, and takes actions without thinking it through? Congratulations, you are working with someone who has Builder energy according to the Core Values Index™.  What does that mean? A person with a lot of Builder energy tends to: focus […]