Sucking Wind and Good Leadership

Good leadership can really take the wind out of your sails. Imagine this: you and several members of your team have spent hours pouring over the data of a proposal, double checking assumptions, comparing historical data, and you are presenting it to the rest of your team for approval and alignment. You’re sailing through the […]

Barrier to Leadership: Getting In Our Own Way

I remember when I stepped into my first role as a leader  and I felt as if I could never get enough accomplished.  I was still measuring my value based on what I produced tangibly.  Several of my clients are on the cusp of this chasm, leaping from the “doing” to the “leading”. Naturally, we’ve […]

Why Business Owners Don’t Have an Annual Business Plan

Several of my clients have referred me to Celeste, who owns a well-established business. They’ve convinced her that she needs to hire me to get her business plan done so that she can be more strategic and organized. They’ve worked with me, developed their own plans and are raving fans. I’ve been assured several times […]

Strategy Sessions and One Page Business Plans

Yes I did work on Saturday.  I will admit that this is not all that unusual.  Being a business owner, my hours can be very flexible and varying.  I took off Thursday afternoon to attend Holiday Mart (had a great time and met some awesome women!). So therefore, Saturday’s four hour strategy session didn’t seem […]

Slow down to grow faster

I just recently learned this lesson (AGAIN) myself.  I’m a classic over achiever and I run as fast as I can most of the time.  But recently, I was forced to slow down (which is what happens when you don’t listen to warning signals–you get hit over the head instead!).  During my slow down I […]

What is Integrity and the 800 pound gorilla?

To me, it’s what you do when no one is looking, or it may be ignoring the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.  Heaven forbid we talk about that.   Lack of integrity can be the biggest leadership killer.  It sends a message to your team that maintaining transparency and honesty is only valued some […]