A Message of Hope and the Corona Virus

  During this time of the Corona Virus, it’s important that we let HOPE garner as much of our attention, while also staying informed. I recently heard a program on NPR discussing how scientists are making good progress on testing known drugs that can treat the Corona Virus. Good work is happening behind all of the […]

Barrier to Leadership: Getting In Our Own Way

I remember when I stepped into my first role as a leader  and I felt as if I could never get enough accomplished.  I was still measuring my value based on what I produced tangibly.  Several of my clients are on the cusp of this chasm, leaping from the “doing” to the “leading”. Naturally, we’ve […]

Truth or Consequences

I don’t know about you, but I know that I am really good at making up stories based on my observations.  Right?  So I was relieved to find out that this is due to neurological connections that we all possess within our brain.  Being the science geek that I am, I get a kick out […]

Why do I need Core Values for my company?

Core values are the blueprint for your life and your business.  They are the boundaries that determine your behavior, the expected behavior of your employees and how the company behaves within the world of business.  So it goes without saying that core values are an important piece of the foundation of your organization. You may […]

Where’s the Evidence?

Mark and I were interviewed recently about our relationship. We weren’t in therapy and there’s nothing wrong, but that’s not to say that we didn’t learn a lot. One of the questions was “What evidence do you have that tells you your relationship is thriving?” Wow!  What evidence do we have?  Being scientists ourselves, we […]

Slow down to grow faster

I just recently learned this lesson (AGAIN) myself.  I’m a classic over achiever and I run as fast as I can most of the time.  But recently, I was forced to slow down (which is what happens when you don’t listen to warning signals–you get hit over the head instead!).  During my slow down I […]