Why Do I Need a Business Plan for My Department? (#10 in Business Planning Series)

A business plan is absolutely necessary for a new business or for gaining finances. However, a business plan, such as The One Page Business Plan®, can be beneficial for team and department leaders too. The art of leadership, developing plans, and executing them is a trickle down model.  Once the organizational plan is complete, all of the departments […]

What is your business North Star? (#9 in Business Planning Series)

Pat is a new CEO of a $200 Million spin out from one of the Fortune 50.  The pressure is on to show progress and value to investors and Pat is up to the challenge.  Pat immediately challenges the leadership to cut costs and show a higher profit to please investors.  The problem is the […]

Assess Your Starting Point (#2 in Business Planning Series)

Have you ever had a great idea, which would solve so many problems for you or your business, and it was so big, that you didn’t know where to start?  Most people feel that way about strategic planning, or drafting a business plan.  I want to help you break it down easily.  The most important […]

How is a business like a wedding? (#1 in Business Planning Series)

I’ll be joyfully celebrating two marriages this year with the weddings of both my son and daughter. You may think that sounds stressful, but all truth be told, I’m as cool as a cucumber. Weddings are one of the best examples of good planning, and why a comprehensive plan is required. So how is a […]