Are You Giving Enough Attention to Your Intentions?

Setting Goals With Intention  Most of us probably set meaningful New Year’s resolutions a few weeks ago, and many of us have probably already gone off the rails by now and given up on them.  Can you relate?  Were your resolutions unrealistic, unattainable or stressful? Or maybe you set a goal but did not properly […]

Be a good teacher

  A theme emerged for me this week as I listened to my third client complain about last-minute meetings, putting out fires, dealing with difficult people, and out of control work hours.  My question:  What are you teaching others?   The fact is that we teach others how to behave around us and how to […]

Ten Tips For A Successful Team

If you told me 6 years ago, when I launched my coaching business, that I would be launching a nonprofit organization (with 2 of my favorite coach buddies) in July of 2012, I would have asked you to take a breathalyzer test.  It certainly was not a goal of mine as I was growing my […]

Why do I need Core Values for my company?

Core values are the blueprint for your life and your business.  They are the boundaries that determine your behavior, the expected behavior of your employees and how the company behaves within the world of business.  So it goes without saying that core values are an important piece of the foundation of your organization. You may […]

Where’s the Evidence?

Mark and I were interviewed recently about our relationship. We weren’t in therapy and there’s nothing wrong, but that’s not to say that we didn’t learn a lot. One of the questions was “What evidence do you have that tells you your relationship is thriving?” Wow!  What evidence do we have?  Being scientists ourselves, we […]

Thoughts On Motivating A Team

What if you capitalized on your strengths this year, instead of working on your weaknesses? We all know our weaknesses and are especially aware of other’s weaknesses when we’re trying to achieve something together. The fact is though, that our weaknesses will always be our weaknesses. They’ll never be transformed into strengths. It’s not our […]