The undiscussable:  You’re irritated, and you let multiple people know about it. They know why, how you got there, and how you are currently feeling.

Except for the person that irritated you.

The undiscussable is always discussed, just not in the room that can fix it. 

Oscar Trimboli, Coach

Although talking through our irritations can be therapeutic, it rarely solves the real problem.  And let’s face it, this problem is universal. We all do it.

The fact is that we like to feel superior to others. So when we see missteps, miscommunications, weaknesses, or faults in others and get annoyed, we feel superior. At least WE wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing! Right?

I’ll even admit that I have knowingly done this, admitting that it makes me feel superior, and I want it that way for a while!  It feels too good!

And then when rationale breaks back in, and I realize that I’m not really all that superior and that others typically act with good intentions, I pull my mind back together and get real.

We have two choices at this point. Either let it go or address it. Neither one of these solutions is wrong. Determine which one will bring you more peace and then do it.  But if you decide to let it go, truly let it go. You can’t go on discussing it with the wrong people.

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