Accountability Agreement

  • 1. I will complete and submit as directed, all homework I've committed to, within the specified timeframe, with the following two exceptions:

    If I become aware that I will be unable to complete the homework I've committed to, I will notify the facilitator at least 24 hours in advance of the homework deadline, outlining the barriers that have prevented the homework completion.

    I am physically unable to complete the committed assignment, as I have become incapacitated and will notify the facilitator as soon as possible.

    2. If I do not complete the homework I have committed to completing within the specified timeframe, and neither of the two exceptions above apply, then I agree to pay Core Impact Coaching $100 for each occurrence immediately upon receipt of an invoice.

    3. The leadership transformation of this course requires real commitment and discipline as a leader. Therefore, I will commit to completing homework that is reasonably expected, and understand that if I choose not to commit, or miss more than two homework assignments, that I am unlikely to succeed in becoming an Accountability Leader, and may be asked to leave the course.

    4. I am fully committed to successfully completing this course and will dedicate my time and effort into transforming my leadership in order to

    Be An Accountability Leader.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • By signing below, I confirm that I am enrolled in the 'Be An Accountability Leader' course and agree to the above .