Much of Craig P. Anderson’s early career was spent in sales, listening to his clients and helping them find the right answer to solve their problem. As his career progressed from sales representative to sales leader and then to business leader, he quickly learned that he had to turn those skills inward. As he listened to his team and coached them to fulfill the company’s vision, it became clear that the next step in his career was to broaden those skills and bring that knowledge, along with his experience in businesses of all sizes and industries, to teach the next generation of leaders.

Craig’s passion for guiding leaders and high-potential employees to find the right path is what motivated him to start Craig P. Anderson & Associates. Through his work, Craig and his team are able to help individuals find the right balance of improving themselves and inspiring the people around them, resulting in better team dynamic, increased employee engagement and more successful business.

“If I can help just one person find the right path faster, with greater focus and fewer mistakes, my business will be a success.”

Outside of leading and coaching professionals, Craig serves on the board of the International School of Indiana, fulfilling another passion of ensuring students pursue a post-secondary education to give them the skills and knowledge they need for a successful career.

Craig is also a proud father of two sons and an avid fan of the University of Florida Gators. He enjoys spending time playing strategy games and adding to his extensive comic book collection. Be sure to ask him just how large that collection has become over 40 years!

Specialties: New C-Suite Executives and High Potential Employees at Not for profits and financial services firms). Areas of expertise include: Executive Coaching, Communication, Employee Engagement, Company Culture.

Key tools include: Core Values Index, One Page Business Plan, Storybrand Framework