Any problem in the workplace can always be traced to a ‘people’ problem. Dealing with people is by far the most dreaded activity of most leaders.  If we had only robots in the workplace, you could ignore the emotional components that come into play at work. But that’s not the case yet, so we need to deal with the people issues the best way we can.  That means we have to spend the time and effort to do it!

I don’t typically try to sell or promote any specific products, but I make an exception with the Core Values Index. I’ve never been a fan of assessments because they always seemed a little too prescriptive and wanted to put people in boxes. No one ever feels good about being put in a box.

My opinion changed when I saw the CVI.  Here’s why.

If you’re tired of:

  • wondering why some people behave the way they do.
  • trying to figure out why your communication isn’t clear to some team members.
  • answering endless questions from team members who don’t seem to get it.
  • feeling like your team is constantly dealing with personal conflict in an unhealthy way.
  • struggling to hold your team members accountable.

The Core Values Index™ can help, and that’s why I love it so much. Once you have the CVI profiles of your entire team, you can:

  • understand why people behave the way they do.
  • realize how you need to communicate differently to certain people and why.
  • anticipate the questions of the Innovator and Banker energies.
  • uncover new communication styles to deal with conflicts in your team.
  • know where to hold your team members accountable.

This assessment can be used and implemented in the workplace immediately. Once you understand the 4 Core Values, you can understand anyone. There are only 4 Core Values that we share:  Power, Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge. We all share these core values at different levels making us each unique in the energy we bring to any situation. So you aren’t put in a box, but instead, you have a profile, which shows how much energy from each Core Value you bring to any situation.  This helps in understanding what’s most important to you, how to communicate best with you, how you learn, and how you may handle conflict.

The Core Values Index™™ (CVI) Team Training Overview

Through a team workshop, you’ll acquire a thorough understanding of:

  • of your team’s CVI scores,
  • the relative ease to shift between energies, and
  • how doing so affects your team’s desire to do their job.

The CVI™ Team Training session provides an assessment of the strengths and balance of your current team at any level in your organization. Managers are provided comprehensive individual and group CVI results to assess their team’s unique composition.

What you’ll get:

  • All CVI scores, captured and stored for future reference
  • Comprehensive CVI reports for everyone on the team
  • Spreadsheet of all CVI results for all team members as a reference
  • 2-hour CVI training for all team members, covering learning and conflict styles and tips
  • Assessment of strengths and balance of the team and how to leverage this knowledge
  • 1-hour debrief with management; guidance on next steps to maximize team connectivity/productivity
  • Follow-up meetings with the manager 30 days after the session

All participants will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of their own behaviors and the behaviors of others.
  2. Learn to apply the new CVI knowledge through interactive exercises.
  3. Obtain a new, shared vocabulary that will enhance their communication.

Learn more in this video.

We’ll help you. Find more info at the website.

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Remember, the CVI will give your leaders the understanding and common terminology to enhance their communication and the ability to manage expectations with each other, and their teams.

Share this Core Values Index™link with your team to discover their Core Values Index™ profile.

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