respect in the workplaceCan you be kind and civil to someone you don’t respect?

Can you respect someone without being kind and civil?

Respect can be defined in numerous ways and we could argue all day about whether respect is given or earned, but who wants to do that? There is enough arguing going on in the world today without adding that one to the list. So instead I’ll share with you some tips on gaining respect in the workplace, because as you know, ultimately, you can only change what you have control over.

Five tips for gaining respect in the workplace:

  1. Always under promise and over deliver. Strive to complete all of your agreed upon tasks completely and on time. You’ll grow a reputation for getting things done.


  1. Be humble.Be willing to admit when you are wrong and take ownership of your mistakes, while still showing confidence in your strengths.


  1. Be patient with your co-workers.Not everyone learns as quickly as you, or has the experience that you have.  Support and help your co-workers to develop professionally.


  1. Show professional respect to your co-workers, even if don’t like them. We don’t have to like everyone, but we can still show others kindness and civility. Your current teammate could turn out to be your boss or your client in the future.


  1. Probably the most important tip is: Don’t repeat gossip.  It never gets you ahead and you’ll be known as someone that can’t be trusted with confidential information.

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