problem solvingDo you have a team member who is constantly asking questions, even when the answers seem obvious to you? Do they typically remain calm and unemotional while gathering as much information as possible when dealing with a crisis?  Chances are, they are busy problem solving and convey what we call Innovator energy  according to the Core Values Index™.

If you’re an Innovator according to the Core Values Index™, you don’t know what it’s like NOT to assess every situation.  You are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve everything you see. You love to assess the situation and come up with a new solution. Because you are so curious, you ask endless questions, which may irritate others.

When you need someone to solve problems, a high Innovator score on the Core Values Index™ is your perfect pick. They will not only enjoy the exercise they will thrive in that environment.

See this short VIDEO on the Innovator energy.

The CVI provides a basis and common language for effective and productive conversations about behaviors and expectations with team members.

The difference between the CVI and other tools is that the CVI measures innate preference (suitability) rather than ability or adaptability. Moreover, it helps people focus on identifying what satisfies or fulfills them about the work they do.

The CVI is easy to understand, incredibly memorable and can be applied immediately to your team relationships and communications. That’s why it’s key in my coaching engagements. You’ll quickly discover why people behave the way they do, and why it’s so perplexing to you!

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Remember, the CVI will give your leaders the understanding and common terminology to enhance their communication and the ability to manage expectations with each other, and their teams.

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