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Some would say that creating 14 strategic plans in 2 days cannot be done. I’ll admit it was a challenge. I’ll even admit that they are not yet 100% complete.


And yet, here is the reality of what occurred within those 2 days with this global leadership team:


  1. Each team member had input, discussion, buy-in, and contribution to creating the company strategic plan for the year along with the CEO and the COO.


  1. The company strategic plan included a 3-year vision statement, a mission statement, objectives, strategies, and action plans. These also included scorecards, success factors, and key assumptions. Now that’s amazing when you have a team of 14 people in the room!


  1. The entire team discovered that having ground rules and especially adhering to an “80% agreement/100% commitment” standard was critical in making decisions and coming to an agreement as a team.


New standards

So what do I mean by the “80% agreement/100%commitment” standard? This is a standard we use when working with teams to get the full commitment of decisions made during the team meeting. We ask each team member to fully vet each issue; while being open, honest, and respectful in their discussion. Once the discussion is complete, we ask if each member can be at least 80% in agreement with the decision. If they all agree with the 80% agreement, then we ask for 100% commitment. This means that they will stand by the decision with their own departments, and won’t undermine or sabotage the decision.  Moreover, they won’t bad mouth the decision to others in the organization. As a leader, they will fully support this decision with everyone throughout their team and beyond.


  1. By having standard definitions and the templates within The One Page Business Plan, the team was able to get clearly focused on a vision, mission, and the priorities required for next year both with the entire organization and with their department.


  1. Each team member was able to create their own department plan for next year, which aligned with the organization plan by the end of day two!


The CEO was so impressed with the process, he said “I can’t believe I lived without this for all of these years. I only wish I would have had this years ago!”


Now before you conclude that tools and templates sound too easy and set you up to create a ‘bad’ strategy, let me be clear. This was a monumental exercise in focus, visioning, challenging, and teasing out the best of all in the room. They were exhausted by the end of our two days together and I believe they gave it their all and left it all on the field, so to speak. This was not a quick, fill in the blank, exercise. Understanding the assumptions, market trends, and success factors are also key and was taken into consideration. Now comes the hard part—-implementation and accountability!


We’ll be following up with this organization quarterly to revisit their scorecards, the progress reports, and their objectives. I can’t wait to see how far they go and we’ll be celebrating every success along the way!


How are you preparing your team to achieve success in the coming year? Now is the perfect time to be thinking about it!