Did you know that inspiration means to literally inhale? At least that is one of the definitions.  So with that literal interpretation, it shouldn’t take much for you to inspire your team.  Just make sure they are breathing!

All jokes aside, many leaders that I’ve worked with are always looking for ways to motivate and inspire their people.  They want a secret, easy to follow process. So I’m going to share that secret process with you today.  Are you ready?  Here it is:  BE INSPIRATIONAL!


Now before you give up, note the following examples I gathered by a very unscientific study I conducted in my network this past week when asked what inspires them:

  • Achieving something I’ve never done before
  • Overcoming adversity with a smile and a positive attitude
  • Paying it forward and being extremely kind to others
  • Looking at life through the eyes of child, with purity and innocence
  • Observing nature
  • Appreciating good music
  • Big thinkers with ‘out of the box’ ideas
  • and there was one vote for beer 🙂

I’m sure there are at least a few of these that you agree with, and you can incorporate into your life so you will not only be inspired, but you’ll inspire others too.  You can’t have a goal of inspiring others.  You have to BE INSPIRATIONAL!  It’s a state of being.  And of course, you need to inhale.