Most of us are not leading a company.  We don’t have the authority to rule our colleagues and team members because we don’t sit at the top of the organization’s hierarchy. Even those that sit at the top find it difficult to lead people if they aren’t capable of influencing them.

So how does one influence?

It’s a little more complex than just making a decision to be more influential.  As discussed in a previous blog: Opening the Gateway to Influence, written by my associate Jeannie Phillips, likability is one of the key factors that you need to consider.  As Jeannie points out in the blog, these traits contribute to your likability:

  • Cause others to feel inspired and positive
  • Are approachable and put others at ease
  • Have a positive mental attitude
  • Are empathetic to others
  • Are authentic and value that “realness” in others

How would you rate your ‘likeability’?  How could you improve your likability in order to influence others in positive ways?

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