inconsistent results

In a recent discussion with one of my clients, he shared his frustration with the inconsistent results and performance of his team. When I asked how well he lays out his expectations for them, he further explained his process. He explained he follows up when he wants to motivate them and pushes them.  However, when he doesn’t see the results, he gives up on any further communication. I commented “You seem to be complaining about getting inconsistent results from a team that has an inconsistent leader.”

“Ouch!, That hurt.” he said.

But he got it. He had actually said it himself. I was just being a mirror.

How to focus on results

One way to be consistent with your team, and your expectations is to set a discipline of tracking objectives. The One Page Business Plan® is the perfect tool for this. For a complete overview of how to create your own plan on one page, check out this blog. You’ll find a complete outline of how to set a vision, mission, objectives, strategies and action plans for your team.

And the next time you see something inconsistent, look at where you are being inconsistent and focus on improving yourself. You’ll be amazed at the consistent people and results you will attract into your life.

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