One of the most important things a leader can do, is know and understand what motivations each of their team members possess. Without that knowledge, leaders can be frustrated with the actions and behaviors of their team.

If you have a leadership position, ask yourself if you are tired of:

  • wondering why some people behave the way they do.
  • trying to figure out why your communication isn’t clear to some team members.
  • answering endless questions from team members who don’t seem to get it.
  • feeling like your team is constantly dealing with personal conflict in an unhealthy way.
  • struggling to hold your team members accountable.

Would it help you to understand what motivates your team members and how to ensure you’re giving the right tasks to the right person?

Core motivational drivers cause a person to want to make a contribution to the world and their work in a certain way. This deepest, internal-self also prescribes the behaviors and work that serve to develop self-esteem, causing people to subconsciously desire a situation that offers them the opportunity to make the highest contribution possible.

The Core Values Index™ (CVI)

The Core Values Index™ (CVI) provides a solid basis and common language for effective and productive conversations about behaviors, motivations, and expectations with team members. Moreover, understanding how each team member contributes and communicates, accelerates team effectiveness.

So how might you use this assessment with your team? Conduct a 2-hour CVI Team Workshop.

A 2-hour CVI TEAM WORKSHOP consists of:

  • CVI results for each team member
  • A highly interactive review of the 4 Core Values and Conflict Strategies
  • Small group activities to apply different core values to a situation
  • Learning when and how to shift core value energies to enhance team effectiveness

For further information about the CVI:

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Remember, the CVI will give your leaders the understanding and common terminology to enhance their communication and the ability to manage expectations with each other, and their teams.

Share this free Core Values Index™link with your team to discover their Core Values Index™ profile.

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