Today is not normal. Yesterday was not normal. Tomorrow won’t be normal either.  That is our ‘new’ normal. Let’s accept it and carry on. Even better, let’s find some humor in it.

Water Crisis

That was the suggestion of my client this morning when I asked her what she’d like to read in a blog or a newsletter. She was gratefully laughing about her current situation where she has been quarantining with her 80+ year old mother in Spain for over 8 weeks, venturing out only to get essential groceries, and her water has ceased twice, requiring them to be creative in dealing with bathroom activities. Can you imagine? Buying bottled water so you can flush?! OMG.

Camera Malfunction

How about the families who are now meeting regularly with their parents or grandparents who haven’t quite mastered the Facetime or Houseparty camera?


One of my dear friends is homeschooling his twin 10 year olds in NYC. His posts keep me in stitches:


Starbucks Patience

I waited over 30 minutes in a Starbucks drive thru to get a Chai Tea Latte.  I hadn’t had one in over six months and it was one of the few outings I’d had in the car by myself. The urge was just unavoidable.! It was so good.  (Yes I am aware of the environmental effects from my car, but at least it’s a hybrid!)

The point is, we are all doing the best we can to modify our lives, carry on and keep our heads together. This is tough for everyone because it affects everyone. So we all have permission to do our best in the current circumstances. We may not be as sharp, organized, or clear minded as usual. It’s ok. Just do your best to get through today successfully. And if you can make someone else’s day a little better, that’s a bonus!

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