School closings and delays.

Cancelled flights.

Fourth highest snowfall in our winter history.

Record cold temperatures all over the country.

Snow in Florida.

Highway shutdown in Atlanta.

Inconvenience. No routine. Constant change. Impatience.

All these things cause us to momentarily hit a pause button and reassess our next steps. Although we didn’t plan on these interruptions, s$#t happens, right? We jump into problem solving mode, make different preparations or sometimes just pay attention to something that we normally take very much for granted, like heat and water pipes.


In a recent coaching session with my own coach, we talked about these interruptions and my impatience with people. At least that is what I thought we were going to talk about. As she listened to me start to explain with my raspy voice and intermittent coughing fits, she quietly asked me “How is this impatience showing up with your body?”

And there it was. Sometimes I need to be slapped in the face to realize that I’m the one that needs to make an adjustment. I hadn’t been treating my body well. I was pushing too hard and most importantly just not listening. After all—-it’s just a bad cold, suck it up and trudge through it, right!? I made a pact right there with my coach that I would immediately interject some relaxation time and trust. Yes, trust. Trust that the universe, God, greater power (insert your favorite term here) knows better than I about what needs to happen and will ensure that I have, or will have, everything I need, exactly when I need it. However, I know it’s not easy to do.


The control freak in me still pops it’s head up every now and again, and tries to convince me that I need to take care of everything, be on top of everything and keep pushing to get things done. Last week, I instituted more trust and here’s what happened.

  • Solutions to problems came to me easily instead of my chasing them.
  • Meetings were cancelled by others, giving me the space and time to rest.
  • Volunteers stepped up to take over responsibilities that were overwhelming me.
  • The weather caused cancellations, which gave me additional space and time for myself.
  • My neighbor took care of the snow in my driveway.
  • My friend called me while she was at the grocery, saving me another trip.

Most importantly, I wasn’t chasing anything, progress was made despite my lack of chasing, and the world didn’t fall apart! I’m slowing down. On purpose. I’m pretty sure it will help me go faster 🙂