MeetingsMeetings, meetings, meetings.  This is the number one complaint I hear from all of my clients.  I’m sure you can relate.


Mostly, the complaints tend to be about the ineffectiveness of meetings.  Moreover, a lack of agenda and clear objective are the most common.  No wonder people find them a waste of time as a result.


Recently, during a coaching session, one of my VP clients shared his meeting process with me. I thought it was the most comprehensive and clear process and agenda I had ever seen. What most impressed me was his preamble to the agenda:


Sample Meeting Agenda Preamble

Three R’s to remember:  Respect, Respect, and Respect

RESPECT those who are speaking.

If you have comments on a topic, please make a note and come back to it during the Questions/Clarifications/Feedback portion of the meeting.

RESPECT confidentiality.

Conversations here should not be discussed outside of this meeting without permission.

RESPECT the time and focus of others.

Please silence your phones completely – sound and vibration.  It’s only for 1.5 – 2 hours.  The world can and will wait if you give it the opportunity.


His team members know both how to prepare, and what is expected from this preamble included in every agenda.


Meeting Agendas

A meeting without an agenda is really not worth attending in my opinion.  An agenda containing an objective and topics for discussion, with suggested timelines and responsibilities, should be the standard minimum requirement. To find more tips for successful meetings and how to make them most effective, here are two additional blogs for your reference:

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