Self Care

When I suggested some extreme self-care to my overwhelmed client, she said “I think this is going to take more than time at the spa to fix”, through her tears.


And she was right. But what we were dealing with at that moment was her belief that self-care only meant massages and pedicures. What does self-care mean to you?


For me, it has come to represent a whole network of things that keep me operating at my peak performance. There are many engines that are at play in your life. There are your emotional, intellectual, relationship, spiritual, and creative engines just to name a few.


If you are truly in overwhelm, most likely one of your needs in these areas is not being met in a big way. What should you do?


1. Take a deep breath—take a couple!

No one is bleeding and no one is going to die because of your current situation. You need to clear your head so you can focus on the right things, instead of allowing your mind to continue to swim in the overwhelm.


2. Ask yourself these questions:

What area of my life is most neglected right now?

Which vital part of my life is demanding my attention?

What is one small thing I could focus on that would direct attention to that area of my life?

How will I commit to my one small thing in order to focus that attention?

How can I hold myself accountable for taking that action?


3. Just do it. Do that one thing you’ve thought of and focus on it.  It won’t solve the multitude of problems that brought you into overwhelm, but it will help your brain reset to a more positive, rational place that can deal with the issues properly.

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