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What kind of goals do you set for your own personal development as a leader? How do you know which goals will improve your leadership skills? Many leaders don’t take much time to reflect on these types of questions. In my coaching, I’ve found that the most impactful goals for leaders can be identified by conducting a 360 Assessment.

A 360 assessment is an online survey of questions about your performance as a leader. The survey is sent to 10-15 people you’ve selected from your direct reports, your colleagues and leaders. Additionally, the survey offers your participants confidentiality and the results are solely shared with you, unless you choose otherwise.

Learning and Goals

Leadership typically requires you to be focused on things like strategic planning and setting and tracking goals for your teams. Yet, how do you know how to enhance your leadership? Hopefully, your culture encourages and supports growing and learning as a professional. A 360 assessment will allow you to learn how you are perceived as a leader, and what behaviors need to be modified. Continuously learning as a leader is imperative. In the Forbes article ‘Why The Best Leaders are Full-time Learners’, they state:

“Leaders must be learners. It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it’s just as important. I respect leaders who are continuously learning because I know they’re challenging their own assumptions and bringing more knowledge to the table each time we converse.”

Above all, by utilizing a 360 assessment, you’ll raise your awareness and challenge your assumptions by learning more about yourself. Moreover, you’ll be able to set relevant goals to improve your leadership and accelerate your success.

360 Assessment Series

The next blog in our 360 Series will address who should be included in a 360 and why.

If you’d like more information, Core Impact Coaching provides customized 360 assessments and we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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