I just recently learned this lesson (AGAIN) myself.  I’m a classic over achiever and I run as fast as I can most of the time.  But recently, I was forced to slow down (which is what happens when you don’t listen to warning signals–you get hit over the head instead!).  During my slow down I

  • was more focused and calm by spending 30 minutes a day just doing nothing but relaxing,
  • paid attention to my eating and lost 3 pounds,
  • increased business by over 50%, (it literally just came to me)
  • actually worked less hours by putting limits on myself and forcing myself to take scheduled breaks and walk away at quitting time.

Yes, it really works.  Slowing down leads to growing faster.  Even though I work with my coaching clients in this area all of the time, I have to be reminded of it for myself every once in a while.  I know it feels more comfortable to be ‘busy’ all of the time, but I also know that ‘busy’ isn’t always productive work.

Do you have any tips on ways that you have ‘slowed down’ and been more successful?