Yes I did work on Saturday.  I will admit that this is not all that unusual.  Being a business owner, my hours can be very flexible and varying.  I took off Thursday afternoon to attend Holiday Mart (had a great time and met some awesome women!). So therefore, Saturday’s four hour strategy session didn’t seem so unreasonable.

Every year, I meet with my marketing director, and together we develop my strategy for CORE IMPACT COACHING for the following year.  We typically target November or December for this activity and previously we’ve actually traveled to the Destin condo for a long strategy weekend.  This year, it was margaritas (thanks Mark!) and Mexican food at my house.

One of the changes for my business is a continued partnership Jim Horan from The One Page Business Plan.  This is useful for any manager or team, not just business owners.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.  ~proverb

I had a great time (yes, I actually enjoy this), taking my strategy plan from Saturday and organizing it within the One Page Business Plan.  I highly recommend it for any organization to answer these questions.

Vision: What are you building?

Mission: Why does this business exist?

Objectives: What business results will you measure?

Strategies:  How will you build this business?

Action Plans:  What is the work to be done?

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