How do you make your team better and maximize their potential? If you are working with Core Impact Coaching, you are focused on three things, all of which are interlinked:

Three Areas of Focus to Maximize Teams

  • Leadership Coaching and Workshops (Making Your Leaders Better),
  • Team Building Assessments (Making Your Teams Better), and
  • Strategic Planning (Making Sure Every Team Is Focused On The Right Things).

Teamwork Tip

One of the most basic, yet often overlooked requirements for a team to be effective is to establish the ground rules of the team. These should be established together, specifically outlining:

  • how the team will interact,
  • what is allowed during team meetings,
  • what is not allowed during team meetings,
  • how team members will be held accountable,
  • how action items will be communicated with absent team members, and
  • how decisions will be made.

There are many tools we use to keep this process moving, and maximizing your team’s potential.  We love sharing them, because the more teams are maximized, the more results are achieved. Here are three freebies to get you started.

Core Impact Coaching Free Tools for Leaders and Teams

  1. If you haven’t already looked at the Strategic Planning e-book outlining how to design plans for all your teams, start HERE.
  2. Take our free assessment for the Core Values Index to receive your free report and customized personal video. This tool is invaluable in team building.
  3. Lastly, here is a video from 2017 on teamwork, and the difference between being a part of a team, and being a part from the team.


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