True Teamwork

  • Experiencing exponential growth
  • Lack of coordinated communications between employees
  • Undetermined roles and responsibilities
  • Unclear expectations
  • Misunderstanding of communication styles
Organization A experienced challenges of managing and leading a team through a time of exponential growth. While rapid growth might seem ideal, keeping up with the internal and external changes proved to be exceedingly difficult. The organization lacked communication with staff, and employees were confused about their job roles and responsibilities. Without the time to pause and have discussions, expectations were not being discussed and remained unclear. In this high growth environment, coworkers and managers were finding it challenging to discover everyone’s communication styles, but most importantly, were unsure of how to effectively work together to move the business forward.
CORE IMPACT COACHING adopted this organization to help tackle the challenges most companies face. Utilizing our 360 Assessments for its CEO and leadership team, we were able to help them understand how they were perceived by their coworkers, how to maximize their effectiveness as a leader and how to turn constructive criticism into opportunity for more success.

The entire organization went through a series of Customized Professional Development Workshops to gain new insights, identify goals and cultivate a company culture that encouraged collaboration and engagement. To help understand job roles and responsibilities, company expectations and team members’ communication styles, we conducted a Core Values Index Assessment and workshop for the entire staff. It assessed the strengths and balances of the leadership team, developed strategic leadership guides that further developed each team member and identified the right and best position for team players. The results were significant. The organization not only reaped rewards from the initial customized team-building workshops, but also in the long-term, bottom-line results.

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