• Poor communication between CEO and Technology Director
  • Executive-level employee ready to move up with help of polishing
  • Vision not clearly communicated
  • Misalignment of employees and positions
  • Miscommunicated direction and focus

Communication is key to productivity. Knowing this, Organization B recognized a communication disconnect between its CEO and Technology Director and knew it was a challenge that simply could not be overlooked. The Technology Director was ready for an executive promotion, but wanted to sharpen his leadership skills and communication effectiveness before moving up. As a company, the vision was not clearly articulated to leadership and the staff, and employees felt their capacity and resources were spread too thin.

Through Coaching and 360 Assessments, the CEO and Technology Director were able to understand how their communication was perceived by other leaders and staff and how to communicate more effectively to get their messages across in the way they intended. To close the miscommunication gap, we assessed their strengths and areas of improvement, focused on how we could maximize their potential and improve the areas of difficulty that were holding them back from contributing their most value.

Utilizing the Core Values Index Assessment tool that holds a 94% repeatability rate and reliable applicability in determining profiles of high performers, team members were able to improve self-awareness and awareness of others, understand where the inconsistencies and gaps were that were causing the staff to be spread too thin, and foster an inspiring vision for the company.

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