• Needs new leadership development
  • Evaluate personal communication style and effectiveness
  • Increase influence
  • Identify different employee communication styles

A female leader accepted a new promotion and was looking to accelerate development in her new role. To successfully step in and start leading, she wanted to understand her communication style effectiveness and how to maximize her influence. Understanding her own communication style was just as important as understanding herself in order to fully embrace the company’s potential.

Stepping into a new leadership role is an organization culture change as well as a training challenge. Utilizing our 12-month coaching program and Core Value Index Assessment tool, we were able to integrate our client into the leadership role with much ease. By understanding how she communicates and how to best work with others’ communication styles, the company saw significant improvement in culture of leadership and the environment at every level. Employees felt valued by their leader and felt more confident in contributing thoughts and ideas. With the support of engaged managers and employees, our client was able to focus on interaction, sustainable results and have a clear focus in her new role.

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