How well do you manage your time? You have ten minutes before you need to prepare for your next meeting.  What do you do?  Check your e-mail, Facebook, or Instagram to see what’s new? Take a bio break? Refresh your coffee?  Stop by your co-workers desk to chat? What do you do with your spare time?

Time management

Many of those options may be needed depending on the situation.  If however, you are just filling in that 10 minutes of time without being intentional, and you have time management issues, there may be a better way to look at your spare 10 minutes.


Most of us get stuck in the time management jam because we are overwhelmed with the big projects that require chunks of our time and it’s hard to fit those chunks into our day. We also tend to look for some quick wins, so we’ll choose the tasks that are easier and quicker to achieve first. If instead, we set aside our 10 minute tasks and save them for those unexpected time slots that occur (admit it, you know you have them), you may find that you now have more of those big chunks for your major project work.


Consider the following tasks, which could be accomplished in a very short period of time:


Set an appointment or meeting notice

Complete a first draft of a meeting agenda

Filing (electronic or paper)

Organizing your desk

Listen to Voicemail and make a note of any actions to be taken

Make a Doctor appointment (the task can be personal too, not just business)

Take a stretch or walk break to clear your head

Answer one critical email

Review your to do list and pick off the one item that will only take 10 minutes

Read the article you’ve been meaning to read

Take a 10-minute meditation break (yes you can meditate at workJ)

Update your calendar for the month (block off your big project time)

Organize your inbox

Brainstorm ideas for your project, team meeting, blog, newsletter, communication, etc.

Research professional development opportunities online


I’m sure you can think of more!  And for those thinking of those 10 minute jobs at home, check out this blog with more ideas.