leaderHave you heard the saying “Leaders are born, not made?” I’m not sure I completely buy into that belief. Yes, you can see that some children just naturally take on a leader vs. a follower role. But I can also give you many examples of people who were typical followers most of their life, and learned over time how to lead and influence others. I just can’t quite embrace the idea that leadership is a niche dug out only for a select few. I believe that anyone with a burning desire and the proper training and guidance can become a successful leader.

In my career as an Executive and Professional Coach, I’ve assisted many people who are moving up the chain in their careers. I’ve worked with very successful people and companies in creating their paths and strategies to catapult them to the next level. While I can’t promise that you’ll be promoted to the next level, I can give you some pointers and the rest is up to you.

Leader Success Tips

  1. Maintain your integrity. For me integrity is the highest value we can have as human beings. As we are moving up in our careers, we’re often faced with tough decisions. It would be simple to turn away or falsify information to move ahead. You will ultimately pay the price if you sell yourself in this manner. Remain true to yourself at all times, even if you are faced with embarrassment. Once you’ve lost your integrity, it’s very difficult to get it back.
  2. Accept responsibility and be accountable. As a leader, you will not only accomplish great things, but you will also fall flat on your face. Nothing builds respect faster with peers and followers than a leader who can say, “I did (fill in the blank), it didn’t work, but here’s what I learned.”
  3. Beg for forgiveness, not for permission. Don’t abuse this. Remember the responsibility angle. As a leader, you must be willing to take educated chances without all of the information, and sometimes you want to ‘just do it’. You want to take risks, just make sure they are calculated and that you can afford them.
  4. Be a positive role model. Negative will happen, but find a way to learn from it and share the lesson to others. Keep the positive vision in front of your team. Find out what they need to stay motivated, and give it to them.
  5. Always look for ways to improve yourself and the company. Be a life long learner.

Many times, companies will hire me to work with their pipeline of leadership potentials. I work with them to help acquire the mindset, coaching skills, and belief systems of great leaders, as well as to define their own personal visions of success. Many of us have the capability to lead, we just don’t know how to pull all the pieces together in the most successful way. A certified coach can assist with helping leaders fully implement all the pieces that they have at their disposal in order to make their mark and fulfill their personal and professional vision of success. I look forward to hearing from you.