360 Performance Review assessment


If you lead people, and you haven’t had an evaluation that includes feedback from your leader, your colleagues, and your direct reports, then you need a 360 assessment.

A 360 assessment

  • is an anonymous survey sent to your leader, your colleagues, and peers, and your direct reports, which is all about you.
  • includes questions related to your leadership style, communication skills, technical abilities, performance, and team.
  • is an assessment that allows you to see how you are perceived from all of those around you in your workspace.
  • can be the most powerful tool you have to take your leadership to the next level.

Yes, it can be scary to await all of the results from 10-15 people focused on your behaviors and results. It can put you in a position of vulnerability for sure. But the benefits far outweigh the risks. After all, you can’t change or grow if you don’t know where it would be most beneficial, right?


In fact, 360s can uncover even more complex issues when the perceptions are not the same within your survey participants. For example, during one of my 360 assessments, I scored very high in the area of communications, except for one score. This stood out like a sore thumb. I had the highest scores from 8 others and a very low score from one.  How could this be? How could one person experience me differently in these communication areas?  I was a great communicator and my communication skill was something I took great pride in!

Then I realized, I hated communicating with one of the leaders I had included in my list of 360 participants, and even tried to avoid her as much as possible. She was difficult to work with, and despite all of my efforts to win her over, it just wasn’t happening. I often tried to go around her. It really was no surprise that she experienced me that way then was it? My eyes were open, and I realized I had to change my behavior towards her and her team. Without a 360, I would have never discovered or believed that to be true.

360 Assessment Series

The next blog in our 360 Series will address the perceptions uncovered by the 360 assessment. We’ll look at what sets company culture and also how you can change perceptions.

If you’d like more information, Core Impact Coaching provides customized 360 assessments and we are available to answer any questions you may have.

Leaders: Get a 360 Performance Review from Your People

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