360 feedback

Imagine that you’ve agreed to work with a coach and conduct a 360 assessment. You’ve customized the questions to be posed related to your performance as a leader. We’ve sent the survey to your direct reports, colleagues, leaders, and board members. Confidential interviews have taken place with the participants and all of the results have been compiled. Now what?

Naturally, the next steps in this process are imperative to both your success and credibility. Just the fact that you’ve included others in this process sends a message that

  • you value their input
  • you’re willing to change behaviors in order to improve your leadership, and
  • you’ll consider their input seriously.

Therefore, your next steps will be observed carefully. When working with Core Impact Coaching, we walk you through a process of reviewing the feedback, finding patterns and identifying the most impactful areas for behavior change. Based on the results, we work with you to develop specific behavior-based goals which address your most relevant feedback.

Now comes the hard part.

You should share your behavior-based goals with your team.

If that sounds even scarier than conducting the 360 assessment itself, hear me out. By making your goals public, you are achieving numerous benefits.

  1. You’re setting an example of accountability. They’ve shared with you some areas where they think you should improve. Therefore, you’re showing them that you’ve heard them, you agree, and you are committing to behavior change.
  2. Communication is always the key to success, and lack of communication is always the cornerstone of poor culture. Similarly, publicizing your goals promotes dialogue, openness and good communication..
  3. Once your goals are public, you can ask specific team members to help hold you accountable. Set up a periodic check in with them to ask for additional feedback against your goals. Finally, admit when you’ve failed and resolve to try again and continue to get better. Show your continuous focus and commitment.

In the Forbes article ‘How to Make 360-Degree Feedback a Great Experience’, they suggest to

“Close the loop with those whom you asked to participate by thanking them and informing them of what you learned. Summarize the main messages you received. Tell them what you plan to do and ask if that seems like an optimum response. The more people you tell about your plans to change a specific behavior, the more likely it is that you’ll do something.”

360 Assessment Series

The next blog in our 360 Series is entitled “Set a Leadership Example with a 360 Assessment.” It’s not something that you just sit on the shelf. It requires action and we’ll walk you through the best steps for success.

If you’d like more information, Core Impact Coaching provides customized 360 assessments and we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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